Who ya gonna call?






By now you have completed your Christmas gift shopping and receiving. I hope everyone received what you wanted, and even more so, I hope you are happy with what you gave and the spirit in which you gave it.


It can be difficult sometimes to know what to give an old-car buff—not only for Christmas, but for birthdays and any other gift giving occasions throughout the year.


The first thing you need to do is know all you can about your favorite old-car buff. Most have a favorite marque; oftentimes it is even a particular year and/or model.


Any type of memorabilia, books, pictures or jewelry depicting this favorite car is going to be welcome to most of us. If this person does any of their own work, you can always come up with some sort of tools or shop supplies such as cleaning rags, drill bits…even razor blades, or any of the expendable items used in car maintenance or restoration. Look over some of the hobby magazines for ideas.


If nothing else, you can always ask the direct question, “What do you want for your favorite car?” Of course, when you ask this question, you run the risk of getting an answer you don’t understand, like “A new double action fuel pump for my ’47 Caddy.” Now, who ya gonna call?


If you are a Club member, you start calling around to someone who has a similar car and get some advice…after all, there are more reasons to join the Cadillac-LaSalle Club than just the parties, tours, fellowship, good eats and seeing all those great old cars.


Also, you can always call Bud Hashberger at (303) 761-5595. ***BRENT: BUD PASSED AWAY A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO. TIM*** Bud worked at the local Cadillac dealership (Rickenbaugh Cadillac of Denver) since 1941 until his recent retirement.


Over the years, he has collected more old Caddy and LaSalle parts than you can imagine. In fact, more than he himself can imagine. lf he doesn’t have it, he can tell you where to find it. He may be able to give you advice on what to get that will serve your purpose.


When you think about the spirit of exchanging gifts, you really seem to get more pleasure watching someone else getting something they wanted or could use. After all, the only thing better than owning a LaSalle is to give one to someone—well, maybe that is stretching it a bit, but if you feel you must give one to someone, you can always call me at (303) 935-9805.


Enjoy your holiday spirit(s).  See ya next month.





P.S. In typing this up for Walt just before Christmas, I felt he was trying to tell me something—sorry, Hon, the underwear and aftershave will have to do this year.