Here come da judge!!!





And here comes another Cadillac-LaSalle Grand National!!


Remember the humor on the old TV classic “Laugh-In,” where the late Sammy Davis Jr. made us laugh when he came on the screen in his robe and powdered wig with the gavel in his hand? He would repeat several times, “Here come da judge” and we all laughed.


Although judging at a Grand National is a lot of fun and a great learning experience, it is a very serious business that really makes the Grand National so grand. In reality, the volunteer judges are the most important people in the Club on that “Day of Judgment.” Of all of the Grand Nationals that I have attended, (plus a few CCCA meets) there is only one that I didn’t volunteer to be a judge. As a matter of confession, it was the least rewarding.


Those of you who have not acted as a judge really don’t know what you are missing. Aside from the personal satisfaction and enjoyment, you need to realize how selfish it is not to volunteer to be a judge.


There have been so many excuses given for not judging, and in reality, I have not yet heard a valid one. Let’s look at a few of them.

The most used is, “I don’t know enough about the cars to be a judge.” The truth is, the standardized judging form makes it so easy, you only need the ability to read and to be able to see where it tells you to look. The ability to write numbers and make checkmarks is also needed. Also, if you have enough interest to come to a Grand National and look at all the beautiful Cads and LaSalles, you have the knowledge and skill to be a judge.


Another “excuse” is, “I came here to enjoy the meet and have a good time, not to spend all my time working as a judge.” Believe me, it only takes a few hours on one day after a free breakfast. Also, you might be surprised how good of a time you will have judging a few nice cars and meeting their owners (they can’t be all bad if they belong to the CLC).


Another excuse we hear is, “I don’t understand how this judging thing works.” Well, that is what the judges’ meeting and breakfast is all about. I know our Region has had a couple of judging practices and will have a couple more before the Grand National and I understand that a few of the other Regions are doing the same. Not only do the sessions give you an insight on the judging procedure, but it gives the car owner a few tips on how to get more points for their own car.


You might ask yourself what kind of a Grand National it would be without the judging and resulting awards. Then you might think about how it will feel to walk up to a car and have people around it say with admiration, “Here come da judge, HERE COME DA JUDGE!!!


See ya at the Grand National,