A taste of humble pie





The 2001 Grand National in Denver has now come and gone. It has left many of us with some wonderful memories.


When I was presented the national Distinguished Service Award by CLC Awards Committee Chairman Andy Zizolfo, it was probably the most humbling experience of my life. The award itself is very beautiful and is now a permanent part of “Walt’s Workbench.” Even more beautiful to me was the oration that came with the award.


It was also very rewarding to have so many club members come up to me during the meet and thank me for writing “Walt’s Workbench” and express their enjoyment. This was a big award in itself.


Actually, it has been a hard month spent on preparation for, and recuperation from a great Grand National, so I will skip my regular article this month and just express to all of you a very big heartfelt thanks for remembering. See ya next month.